How To Code And Deploy Websites Easily

2 min readJul 6, 2022


As an avid web dev, I have worked with many tools — but there’s one I recommend the most for anyone looking for an easy way to code+deploy.

There are so many tools, languages, IDEs, etc. you can use to build a website. But the easiest I have found so far is (this is not a sponsorship/ad, lol).

If you are a beginner looking to build your first websites, I recommend working first with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as your first languages. As for IDEs, I recommend Replit for the following reasons:

  1. It’s free. You also don’t have to download anything, as Replit is a website (web-based IDE) you can use to put in your code.
  2. It’s easy to use and setup. The only buttons you pretty much need to click are +Create, Choose Your Language (I recommend starting with the HTML/CSS/JS option as a beginner), Title, and the Create Repl button. After that, you can already start coding.
  3. It’s deployable. On this same platform Replit, you can straightforwardly deploy your website. There is no need to transfer code to a different software or platform. By just clicking the green Run Button in the top middle of your screen and then clicking the top-right button (square with a diagonal arrow), you already have a personal and permanent link that “hosts” your website you just coded. The web address of your website may not be the most optimal, but it works if you are just developing websites for fun. For a more professional-looking web address, if you can, I recommend buying a domain name from a place such as Google Domains.

Enjoy repliting!