Nifty Little Tricks (and Resources) to Make Your Website More Polished

As a front-end developer, I’ve become inseparable from the tools, resources, and tips I’ve gathered below.

Whether you are a beginner web developer looking to code your first website or an avid web builder who wants to try out some more tools, I recommend taking a look at the list below. Some will be directed at beginners, some will be for intermediates, etc.

Why do I see random scrollbars on my website?

Try overflow: hidden in CSS. This pretty much hides any scrollbars, especially horizontal scrollbars at the bottom of a webpage, that can ruin the appearance of a website.

How do I find a pleasing color theme for my website?

Try! This website helps generate colors that look pleasing and complement each other. Press the spacebar to generate different color themes.

But why are these color combos pleasing? Many of these color themes contain similar colors or similar shades of the same color, preventing a webpage from looking too flashy or color-y.

Where can I find those cool-looking social media icons? contains a huge list of icons, from email, Instagram, Youtube, and more.

What’s the easiest platform to create a website on?

Check out You can view your live website efficiently and easily.

Where can I find interesting fonts?

Check out Google Fonts — they have a variety of fonts you can pick from- you just need to import their HTML and CSS functions.



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